our second world trip
has started on
08th of August 2021

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Carsten & Heike

"Team Wischnewski"

This is 'Wischnewski'

(first set of pictures, ...more to come soon)

I am Wischnewski

a Mercedes Actros 2035 (MP1  from 1999), I so far did run 160K Km

I am a big guy

14.5t, 350PS, 8.65m length, 3.65m hight, 750l diesel, …

I am carrying a lot of stuff with me

700l water, 115l waste-water, 110l grey-water

I have all equipment available for Heike & Carsten

kitchen, bath with shower, bedroom, ‘cellar’ (storage-box at the back), garage for the two 125cmm Yamaha TW motor-cycles

I have plenty of capacity

360W solar power, 440Ah battery capacity, heating, warm water,  and a vacuum toilette (that one really sucks, …meant in two ways, …damned thing, it did cost us millions of hours to repair…!)

Hello Ms. and Mr. !

Heike & Carsten are my bosses!

This is the rough plan for our world tour