Wischnewski again in Iran (Devember 2023): Dezful, Shiraz and the Luth desert

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Christmas 2023 was of a different kind: we did not travel back home to Germany since we have been there already twice in 2023. Our travel family got bigger since Nuria & Antonio did join our group in Iran. The plan was to celebrate Christmas and New Year together in Iran and then travel together in a convoy of 3 trucks to India via Pakistan.

After travelling more than one year in the Arabic world (and we loved that very much!) Iran was a very refreshing world. Persia for us is a much more liberal world where Europeans have a much easier time to get around since the rules are not so strict and the life on the street feels much more familiar for us. Maybe it is only the fact that Iranian women take a normal part of everyday’s life (you can see them, you can talk to them) what makes the difference. We felt very welcome and we were very happy to be able to get back to Iran for a second time!

So enjoy some impressions from Iran!

Best wishes from
Heike and Carsten

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  1. Moin ich habe euch heute getroffen in Agonda
    Fahre immer wieder nach Goa
    Bin das 20. Jahr hier
    Bin immer wieder fasziniert gewesen. Über diesen Platz mit Weltreise Mobile. Seit langen habe ich mal wieder eins gesehen. Dieses Mal war es euer.
    Ich selber habe einen Mercedes Kurzhauber 911 Baujahr 1980
    Ich habe hier noch nichts gelesen über Indien von euch

    Ich wünsche euch alles Gute. Nils.

    Meine WhatsApp
    0049 1742 121314

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