Wischnewski in India: still north-west (February 2024)

Good morning!       (–> Text übersetzen in Deutsch)

since some days, I (Carsten) am a ‘temporary solo-traveller’ in India. But no worries, our very good friends Magy & Carlos are still travelling with me through India. We are a 2-trucks-caravan. Now we are investigation Rajasthan, in the north-west of India, with it’s beautiful cities Jaipur, Udaipur and Pushkar.

More and more we get familiar with the culture of India, the traffic, the food and what ever you investigate when you are traveling on India’s routes.

I like India more and more. It took a while to enjoy because for 2 weeks since we arrived in India, I was a bit out of the race because of my second Corona infection and a little diarrhoea (I guess both was a fare-well-present from Pakistan). But now I say ‘Welcome India! Food, I am coming for you :-)’

Enjoy the pictures!

Best wishes from Carsten
(of course also from Heike sent from ‘Kassel)

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