Break in Thailand: Wischnewski left alone in Saudi (August 2023)

Hello all!       (–> Text übersetzen in Deutsch)

today we send a different kind of blogpost: we made a 5 week break of travelling and went to Thailand (Chiang Mai). That city is well known for us. We visited Chiang Mai the 4th time. This time the plan was just to relax and eat all those delicious food. For 10 days inbetween we also got a visitor from Germany: ‘Anna’ (the daughter of very good friends from Düsseldorf) joined us for eating lot of beautiful food in the streets of Chiang Mai 🙂

So the pictures we brought today show – of course – a lot of that delicious food. Enjoy! …you very likely will get a big appetite after watching the pictures 🙂

Best wishes from
Heike and Carsten

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2 Antworten auf „Break in Thailand: Wischnewski left alone in Saudi (August 2023)“

  1. Impressiv, how much food variations you got. I can imagine how much you missed your food fun the last months.
    If you have some fun food facts for us, don’t hesitate to share 🤣

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