With Wischnewski in Pakistan (January 2024)

Hello all!       (–> Text übersetzen in Deutsch)

To travel through Pakistan on our voyage to India was of extraordinary excitement for us (3 trucks). From what we heart from the media and government information ‘it is not possible’ because very dangerous etc. But once more that was absolutely misleading. It was easy and nice to travel even through Belutschistan guided by the Levi-police. For us it was very pleasant to meet the Pakistani people on the streets and in the villages during our trip. But we had to learn and accept that it was of biggest importance for the locals when we arrived. Everywhere people joined us in big groups (because for them it is almost not to believe that 3 trucks from Europe are travelling in Pakistan). We had a great time and could enjoy it. One more great experience!

Best wishes from
Heike and Carsten

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