India/ Kerala (April 2024)

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Together with my new travel family (Timur, Anika, Zia and Lima from Cologne) I drove further south-west to the Indian state of ‘Kerala’. The heat started to become difficult, so was the humidity. The only way to survive was to put Wischnewski directly onto the beach coast where there was a constant breeze from the seaside. And we got the doggo-friends, a lot of stray dogs in that area.

Unfortunately, also me had to interrupt our travelling (after Heike already left back home to Germany in February). Heikes father passed away in April so that I flew back to Kassel for funeral and to meet the family. Wischnewski waits for us in the city ‘Kochi’ where we found a good place to park close to the airport.

We will continue our overlander trip soon, sometimes in the middle of this year, and of course we will keep you updated 🙂

Enjoy the pictures!

Best wishes from Heike & Carsten

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  1. Mein herzliches Beileid! Hoffentlich hatte Heike noch ausreichend Zeit für den Abschied. Alles Gute für Euch! Ich verfolge Euch dann gern wenn es weitergeht. Lg Britta und Kurt

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