Wischnewski in Dubai (December 2022 / March 2023)

Hello all!

Since we had a flight back to Germany for Christmas celebrations in December 2022 our way did lead us to Dubai (in the ‘United Arabic Emirates’). Our expectations of Dubai were not very high, shopping malls and skyscrapers did not sound very appealing to us. But (once again) reality taught us not to judge to fast. This time we had plenty of time to experience Dubai in its (enormous) size. Imagine that it is circa 45 kilometers to cross Dubai, it’s so big. And as we learned there is no thing to do on the planet that you could not do in Dubai (on the ground, in the air, on the water and below). What impressed us was that they did build the whole city within 40 years out of nothing. That surely was the biggest project that the planet so far did see. What an initiative to build that city at a place where you have not even one resource available. They had to transport everything you need to build Dubai to Dubai: material, machines, people, know how, financials, order, rules, visions, everything! The city’s infrastructure is substantial: No one building was the same, each building was specially designed and just pretty to see. Dubai surely is a kind of artificial world, a bit like Las Vegas, but still impressive, definitely worth to visit. It is so much more than the shopping malls that we expected to see.

For us it was of biggest positive events to go into the ‘Indian quarters’ where the guest workers live (millions of them). There we got so much great Indian food, SOO good, so cheap and so filled up with flavor!

Best wishes from
Heike and Carsten

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