Wischnewski in Oman – 1/3 (January 2023)

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after doing some repairs in Dubai, the next exotic highlight of our world trip came closer: Oman. Located a bit at the far edge of the Arabic peninsula, Oman gave us a relaxed feeling. We found beautiful mountains and landscape plus nice beaches (that we often had to clean up when we arrived, …a lot of trash everywhere, to sad!). Beautiful was the number of dromedaries that you find in most parts of the country, running around free, at beaches, in mountains, in Wadis, on highways, everywhere. So cute and friendly they are (see pictures).

Different to e.g. Saudi-Arabia we did not meet many Omanis since there are not too many around on the streets. The country has a population of about 5 million people of which roughly 50% is migrants from India, Pakistan, Sudan. The Omanis are the ‘owner of things’ (mostly not be seen on the streets). The migrants are doing the work in shops and on the streets. So we mostly met migrants (what was pleasant too). It felt a bit like a two-class-society. The good thing about this demographical structure in Oman was that there are plenty of Indian and Pakistani restaurants (yummy again, like in Dubai).

Best wishes from
Heike and Carsten

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