Wischnewski in Iran’s South (in October 2022)

Hello all!

in the South of Iran it was a very special event to drive into the desert ‘Lut’ (the hottest desert on planet earth). We had (brand new) good friends with us, forming a beautiful ‘travel family’ for many weeks, starting with the trip through Lut.

Due to the not ending demonstrations that took place in whole Iran we – unfortunately – were asked by the German government to leave the country. So we had to leave before we finished that part of the trip. Important to say that we were absolutely save the whole time with no negative event. We didn’t even see something from the demonstrations (only heart some shooting noise in one night at Isfahan). The picture in the media was totally different to what we experienced during 8 weeks in the country… Anyway: we had to leave the country… towards Irak :-0
Best wishes from
Heike and Carsten

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