Some more of Turkey: Now we travel the ‘east’

Hello all!
today we make our last pictures from Turkey available. This is remarkable since last year we visited the region in the east of Turkey that recently was so hardly hit by an earthquake. Too sad that so many people of that region got injured or even killed, so sad!!!

We were very impressed of that part of Turkey that – from our perspective – was the ‘real Turkey’. The closer we came to the borders to Syria, Irak, Georgia and Iran the greater the mix of people became: Kurdish, Turkish, Georgian, Armenian people did flow together, all proud of their culture and roots, nobody interested in political motivated conflicts, all only interested in their own pleasant life and the life of family & friends. What is communicated as ‘big problems between cultural backgrounds of people’ in the media does surely exist but no doubt that conflicts are not easy to find, not so widely spread and surely not that vital.

East of Turkey, very enjoyable and again dominated of great hospitality of all people that we met, all instantly ready to give and to share whatever they had… 
Best wishes from
Heike & Carsten

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  1. Super wieder Mal so tolle Bilder und Beschreibungen von euch zu sehen. Danke dafür, es ist auch für mich eine kleine Reise, die ein riesen “Wow” mit sich bringt 🤩

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